The Best Hiking & Camping Backpacks

A good backpack is a necessity on any hiking or camping trip. Not all backpacks are created equal–they come in different shapes, sizes, weights, materials, and layouts. Some will work better for your needs than others, so we’ve put together a list of the best backpacks that should work for…

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The Best Camping Water Containers

Water is the essence of life, and without it you’re going to have a bad time–camping or not. When talking about water, the Rule of 3 comes into play – specifically you can only survive for about 3 days without water. This is where camping water containers come into play….

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The 7 Best Camping Flashlights in 2018 – Reviews

Factors to Consider When Choosing Camping Flashlights Not all flashlights are created equal. That’s pretty apparent as you browse around looking for the ideal camping flashlight; they range in price from a few bucks to $100+ dollars. It can be tough to decide which choice will be best for you,…

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How to Keep Animals Away from Your Campsite

Camping out in nature is a fun activity. You feel the thrill of living under the bare sky and being away from the city pollution. But with the excitement, you also need to keep yourself protected from external forces that may harm you or cause problems. These include protection from…

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How to Build the Perfect Campfire Every Time

When we have decided to go camping, the next thing is to choose the place where we can ignite the fire for camping. We can go for the following options as mentioned here: Campgrounds – Always ignite a fire in the designated grills, fireplaces or fire grounds. Before lighting a…

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How to Stay Cool While Camping in the Heat

Camping during the summer is always a blast. Nature is in full bloom, and everything seems more alive. Unfortunately, depending on your destination, camping during the summer can be hot. Sometimes… really, really hot (looking at you, Texas). Don’t let a little heat ruin your outing. Here are some tips…

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The Best Tent Air Conditioners

It may sound crazy, but people can–and do–bring air conditioners for tents on camping trips. Some days, beating the heat can feel like an impossible task. Even if you wear light, loose clothing, stay hydrated, and stay in the shade, the heat can be almost unbearable. Not to mention trying…

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The Best Truck Bed Tents of 2018

While movies feature camping out in the woods on the cold solid ground as very peaceful, if you have ever done it, you know that it’s not quite the same. You have to find the right spot, you need the perfect tent (that’s not only spacious & comfortable, but is…

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Camping in the Rain Hacks

Camping in the Rain: Hacks & Tips Header

You’re out enjoying a great weekend camping, when you notice the sky start to darken. Glancing up, you think to yourself “that kinda looks like rain…” And before you know it, the first drops start to fall. They keep falling, gaining in size and frequency. The next thing you know,…

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