The Best Camping Coffee Makers of 2024

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Are you ready to enjoy the best coffee on your next camping trip? Then you’re in luck! 2024 has brought us an incredible selection of camping coffee makers that will make brewing up a delicious cup of joe easier and tastier than ever before.

From instant packets to pour-over makers, there are now plenty of options for those who want to enjoy their coffee while out in nature. In this article, we’ll explore the seven best camping coffee makers of 2024 – highlighting their features, tips for making the perfect cup, and additional information.

So get ready to sip on some sweet nectar from Mother Nature!


The Top Coffee Makers for Camping Trips

Are you looking for the best coffee makers to take on your next camping trip? Look no further! We tested out the MiiR Pourigami, OXO BREW Venture French Press, Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Kit, WACACO Minipresso GR, Eureka! Camp Café Coffee Maker Set, BruTrek BaseCamp Travel Press, ESPRO P0 Ultralight French Press Bottle and Sea to Summit X-Brew Collapsible Camping Coffee Dripper and Bialetti Express Moka Pot – all of which are great options.

With these top picks in mind, you can make sure that you enjoy a delicious cup of joe while out in nature.

MiiR Pourigami

The Pourigami, with its collapsible design and light weight of just 4 ounces, is perfect for those looking for a portable and sustainable pour-over coffee solution. Manufactured by MiiR, this medical-grade stainless steel dripper supports non-profit organizations that protect the planet and strengthen communities.

The product dimensions make it travel friendly, measuring in at 6.1 x 5.87 x 0.55 inches and weighing only 0.38 pounds – ideal for camping trips! With its three interlocking panels, the Pourigami sets up quickly without any tools required. Plus, the 20 fluid ounce capacity makes it capable of making a single cup of pour-over coffee to get you through your morning routine when on the go.

However, despite its many advantages there are some considerations that need to be taken into account before purchasing the Pourigami. For instance, some may find that its walls are too short for pouring water quickly; others may find themselves having to pre-wet the filter as well as being patient during brewing time in order to obtain optimal results; additionally, there is no lip on the bottom of the dripper so it could slide off if not secured properly onto a mug or other container while pouring hot water over coffee grounds.

Product Specs:

• Color: Black
• Material: Medical-grade stainless steel with Hardshell powder coat finish
• Size: 20 fluid ounces
• Weight: 0.38 pounds
• Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.87 x 0.55 inches


• Portable and travel-friendly
• Collapsible and lightweight (4 ounces)
• Easy assembly with interlocking three panels
• Supports non-profit organizations that protect the planet and strengthen communities


• Can make a single cup of pour-over coffee
• Suitable for home or work use
• Walls may be too short for pouring water quickly
• May require patience and pre-wetting of filter for optimal brewing
• No lip on the bottom to prevent sliding off the top of a mug
• May not hold filter in place securely during pouring

OXO BREW Venture French Press

The OXO BREW Venture French Press offers a shatter-resistant, travel-friendly design with an 8 cup capacity for those looking to enjoy coffee on the go. This stylish and modern coffee maker is made of plastic and features a reusable filter type, perfect for camping trips or other outdoor activities.

The carafe is clear and BPA-free, with two windows that will show you the level of your brew. The plunger has a silicone gasket that filters out any grounds while pressing the coffee beans for an enjoyable taste. It also comes with a spout which adds another layer of filtration.

The product specs include a 1 Liter capacity, black color, 5.98D x 5.98W x 9.4H inches dimensions, and 0.43 Kilograms / 15 ounces weight – making it lightweight and easy to take anywhere you go. It includes components such as a french press and buttons as its human interface input type; all arriving in standard packaging upon purchase date available since August 22nd 2016 on Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank #174,265 in Home & Kitchen (Top 100).

When it comes to pros, this OXO French Press is shatter-resistant, making it ideal for travelling. It’s also great for parties of two or more, thanks to its 8 cup capacity. The non-slip knob and comfortable handle offer easy plunging and pouring, while the Tritan carafe is dishwasher safe. It also has a 4.5 rating from 1065 reviews.

On the cons side, this product does not have cup markings, so you need to use your own measuring cup for consistent results. The filter screen may cause build up over time, and it only leaves 1 oz of space for ground coffee due to its 32 oz capacity carafe size.

Product Specs:
• Capacity: 1 Liter
• Color: Black
• Product Dimensions: 5.98D x 5.98W x 9.4H inches
• Coffee Maker Type: French Press
• Material: Plastic
• Filter Type: Reusable
• Style: Travel French Press

• Shatter-resistant design
• Ideal for parties of two or more
• Non-slip knob & comfortable handle offer easy plunging & pouring
• Dishwasher safe
• 4.5 rating from 1065 reviews

• No cup markings, so requires measuring cup
• Filter screen may cause build up over time
• Only 1oz left for ground coffee due to 32oz capacity carafe size

Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Kit

Enjoy delicious espresso-style coffee quickly and easily with the Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Kit! This innovative portable coffee maker is perfect for brewing smooth, delicious coffee without bitterness or grit. With a capacity of 10 ounces, it can make 1 to 3 servings of espresso-style coffee in just a minute.

Constructed from polypropylene, the Aeropress Go is free of BPA and phthalates, making it safe to use. It also comes with a mug and lid that doubles as a traveling case so you can take your favorite brew wherever you go.

You’ll have total control over your coffee when using this device – simply add grounds and water, stir, press down on the plunger, and watch as hot or cold brews are created in two minutes or less.

Designed in Silicon Valley and made in the USA, this product has an ASIN number of B07YVL8SF3 for easy purchasing online along with customer reviews rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 9001 ratings.

The Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Kit is perfect for backpacking trips, camping trips, hiking trips – any sort of trip where you want to enjoy fresh cups of joe on the go!

Product Specs:

  • Brand: Aeropress
  • Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Color: Gray
  • Product Dimensions: 4.75D x 4.75W x 11.75H
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Filter Type: Paper
  • Style: Casual
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Backpacking, Traveling, Camping Hiking
  • Item Weight 318 grams
  • Voltage 110 Volts
  • Model Name AeroPress Go
  • Human Interface Input Buttons
  • Package Type Standard Packaging
  • Product Dimensions 3.9 x 3.9 x 5.3 inches
  • Item Weight 11.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer AeroPress
  • Item model number AeroPress Go
  • Customer Reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars with 9001 ratings
  • Best Sellers Rank 6,873 in Home Kitchen, 48 in Coffee Makers, 98 in Travel ToGo Drinkware
  • Discontinued By Manufacturer No
  • Date First Available November 8, 2019


  • Can produce 1–3 servings of espresso–style coffee quickly and easily
  • Comes with a mug and lid that double as a traveling case
  • Brews smooth delicious coffee without bitterness or grit
  • Brewing time only takes one minute
  • Can brew hot/cold coffees or make cold brews in two minutes
  • Total control over your brewed beverages
  • Materials used are free from BPA’s & phthalates


  • Price may be slightly higher than competing products

WACACO Minipresso GR

Experience the ultimate convenience of brewing authentic espresso with the WACACO Minipresso GR, and make it a breeze with its easy manual operation – all you need is time and patience for great results! This portable espresso machine is compatible with ground coffee so no matter what type or roast you choose, it’s sure to deliver.

With a capacity of up to 50ml of espresso, you don’t have to worry about running out either. The operation steps are simple – just add your ground coffee into the filter basket using the integrated scoop, press lightly to level it off, add hot water into the tank, unlock from its travel position and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract perfect espresso with generous crema.

You can also purchase accessories separately such as an extended cup that allows you to enjoy longer espresso up to 100ml as well as protect against scratches.

This compact yet powerful device offers users flexibility and convenience when looking for a quick caffeine fix on-the-go or while camping outdoors. With its black plastic exterior design, lightweight material (weighing 0.36 Kilograms or 12.7 ounces), reusable filter type and brand name recognition from Wacaco Company Limited makes this product highly desirable among customers who have given their seal of approval in 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon reviews after thousands of purchases since January 13th 2011 when it first became available for sale online.

Product Specs:

  • Compatible with ground coffee
  • Manual operation only; no battery/electricity needed
  • Can use any variety of coffee bean/roast
  • Capacity: up to 50 ml espresso
  • Brand: WACACO
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Filter Type: Reusable


  • Compact yet powerful device that offers users flexibility & convenience when looking for a quick caffeine fix on the go or while camping outdoors
  • Easy manual operation – requires time & patience but yields great results
  • Variety in terms of which type/roast of coffee beans used
  • Generous crema achieved with each brew
  • Lightweight material (0.36 Kg / 12.7 oz) making it easy to transport anywhere
  • Durable exterior design made from black plastic & reusable filter for long lasting use
  • High customer satisfaction based on Amazon reviews since Jan 13th 2011


  • Accessories sold separately (such as extended cup) meaning additional costs incurred by customers
  • Manual operation only; no battery/electricity option available

Eureka! Camp Café Coffee Maker Set

Make brewing coffee on the go a cinch with Eureka!’s Camp Café Coffee Maker Set! This set is designed for camping and hiking, and it comes with all the components you need to make quality coffee quickly.

The Camp Café Kettle is made from aluminum, has a capacity of 12 cups, and measures 8D x 8W x 8H inches. It includes a lid, carafe, filter cone, coffee scoop, instructions, and even comes in its own nesting design for easy transport and storage. With the 220 volts of power this product provides, you’ll be able to brew your favorite cup of joe in no time at all.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The plastic lid design may be confusing without knowledge of companion coffee accessories. Additionally, there have been reports that the left handle may have a leak on the bottom outside rivet. Nonetheless, this product makes great tasting coffee but may take longer than expected if you’re in a hurry.

Product Specs:

  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Color: Grey
  • Product Dimensions: 8D x 8W x 8H inches
  • Coffee Maker Type: Pour Over
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: Coffee Maker Set
  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds


  • Nesting design for easy transport and storage
  • Brews quality coffee quickly
  • Makes great tasting coffee


  • Plastic lid design may be confusing without knowledge of companion coffee accessories
  • May take longer than expected if you’re in a hurry
  • Reports of leaks on left handle

BruTrek BaseCamp Travel Press

Take your travels to the next level with BruTrek’s BaseCamp Travel Press. It boasts a rugged design and no-spill lid, so you can sip your coffee in peace! The stainless steel double-wall, vacuum insulated body keeps your coffee hot for hours. Its threaded no-spill locking lid features patented Bru-Stop technology with tempered steel plate and ultra fine mesh plunger for maximum freshness. Plus, an easy pour spout ensures that you won’t lose a drop of that precious caffeine boost!

With its capacity of 32 fluid ounces and rubber padded bottom, the BaseCamp is perfect for camping trips or any outdoor adventure. The French press coffee maker type is made of stainless steel.

Product Specs:
• Rugged design with straight-wall body and laser welded handle
• Double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel body
• Threaded no-spill locking lid
• Patented Bru-Stop technology with tempered steel plate and ultra fine mesh plunger
• Easy pour spout
• No slip rubber padded bottom
• Capacity of 32 fluid ounces
• French press coffee maker type
• Made of stainless steel

• Keeps coffee hot for hours
• Easy to use
• Durable construction

• Issues with the lid and spout alignment
• Not made in the USA

ESPRO P0 Ultralight French Press Bottle

Enjoy the ultimate cup of coffee or tea wherever you go with ESPRO’s lightweight and durable P0 Ultralight French Press Bottle! This 16-ounce bottle is made from a double wall, stainless steel vacuum insulated design that will keep your beverage hot for hours.

It comes with a patented, double micro-filter to prevent any unwanted particles in your cup. With its convenient size and weight, this bottle is perfect for taking on the go – whether it be camping trips or everyday use.

The press itself stops extraction completely when pressed down so you can enjoy grit and sludge-free coffee. Plus, with its easy-to-clean two basket strainers, it’s designed to last forever!

Product Specs:

• Capacity: 475 Milliliters

• Color: Brushed Stainless Steel

• Product Dimensions: 2.6D x 2.9W x 9.29H

• Coffee Maker Type: French Press

• Material: Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Silicone

• Filter Type: Reusable

• Item Weight: 210 Grams or 7.4 ounces


  1. Patented double micro-filter prevents unwanted particles in your cup
  2. Stopping extraction completely when pressed down resulting in grit and sludge-free coffee
  3. Hot beverages for hours due to insulated double-walled stainless steel design
  4. Perfect size and weight for taking on the go
  5. Easy to clean two basket strainers designed to last forever


  1. Protective box for shipping not provided by the manufacturer

Sea to Summit X-Brew Collapsible Camping Coffee Dripper

If you’re looking for a convenient and portable coffee maker, the Sea to Summit X-Brew Collapsible Camping Coffee Dripper is an ideal choice. This lightweight and collapsible camping coffee maker allows you to quickly whip up two cups of your favorite caffeinated beverage with ease.

Made from durable nylon and food-grade silicone, this product collapses flat so it fits in any bag or backpack for easy transport. Plus, its super-fine stainless steel mesh filter works with or without paper filters, so you can make delicious coffee on the go without having to worry about messes or spills.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or just need an easy way to make that morning cup of joe when camping out in the wilderness, the Sea To Summit X-Brew Collapsible Camping Coffee Dripper is a great option. It comes with a manufacturer guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product – so you know it’s built for long-term use.

And since it nests perfectly inside Sea To Summit X-Kettle (along with an X-Mug), it makes creating your own outdoor coffee kit simple and fast!

Product Specs:

  • Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H 8.23 x 5.98 x 1.06 inches
  • Package Weight: 0.12 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 4 x 4 x 3.5 inches
  • Item Weight 85 Grams


  • Portable and collapsible design
  • Durable Nylon & food grade silicone construction
  • Reusable, super fine stainless steel mesh filter
  • Fits on wide mugs/bottles & produces up to 2 cups of coffee at once


  • Metal filter is fragile & easily breaks
  • Difficult to replace after removal for cleaning
  • Price is steep compared to other brands

Bialetti Express Moka Pot

Get that authentic Italian coffee experience at home with the Bialetti Express Moka Pot. It’s easy to use and clean, and produces great tasting espresso-style coffee without any waste! This moka pot is designed in Italy by Paul Campani and has been around since 1933. It’s suitable for gas, electric, or induction cooktops, and works with most portable stoves or cooktops.

Available in a 6-cup size or 3-cup size in aluminum silver, the Express Moka Pot features an ergonomic handle, patented safety valve for easy cleaning, and reusable filter. Plus, it’s sustainable – no waste is produced while making your delicious brew!

Brewing coffee from this moka pot is simple: fill the boiler up to the safety valve, fill the filter with ground coffee without pressing it down too much, place on stovetop over medium heat until you hear a gurgling sound (then turn off heat). When you’re done using it, just rinse it out with water – no detergents needed! Perfect for camping trips or everyday use at home.

Product Specs:

  • Brand: Bialetti
  • Color: Aluminum Silver
  • Product Dimensions: 2D x 2W x 2H
  • Coffee Maker Type: Moka Pot
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Style: Moka Express
  • Specific Uses for Product: Coffee maker
  • Included Components: Moka, filter, gasket
  • Model Name: Moka Express


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sustainable and produces no waste
  • Produces smooth and strong coffee
  • Inexpensive
  • Works with most portable stoves or cooktops


  • Gasket may need to be replaced occasionally
  • May dribble from middle seam occasionally
  • Control heat to avoid burning coffee

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Camping Coffee Maker

When it comes to choosing the best camping coffee maker, there are several factors to consider. Taste, portability, capacity/output, price, and quality are all important.

How much coffee do you need? What’s your budget? Do you want something light and portable, or are you looking for something with more features that can brew larger batches of coffee?

You’ll also want to consider the flavor of your coffee. Will a French Press give you the robust flavor that you’re looking for, or would an AeroPress make a smoother cup?

Choose wisely, and you’ll have delicious campfire brews!


With so many options, it’s like navigating a coffee-lover’s paradise; you can find the perfect brewer to suit your taste quickly and easily.

Different brewing methods will yield different flavor profiles, so it’s important to consider how you prefer your coffee.

Instant coffees are an easy way to get that caffeine boost quickly but may not be as flavorful as other methods, while pour over coffee makers give you precise control of the strength and flavor of your cup.

French presses provide a full-bodied cup with bolder flavors than pour overs, while percolators produce strong cups of coffee in large quantities for groups.

Moka pots provide rich espresso-style coffee, and travel espresso makers use high pressure to extract a strong brew in small doses.

With such a range of flavors available from these different methods, there’s sure to be something out there that suits every palate.

Smoothly transitioning now into portability…


Whether you’re a solo wanderer or traveling with friends, you’ll want to be sure the coffee maker you choose is portable enough for your needs.

From instant coffee packets, lightweight French presses, and mini espresso machines – there are plenty of options available that can make brewing your morning joe on-the-go easier than ever.

For those who prefer an effortless cup of Joe in no time at all, instant coffee is the way to go.

If you’re looking for a richer flavor and higher quality beverage, travel French presses like the JoGo Brew Straw, AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press and ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press Bottle are compact and light enough to bring along without taking up too much room in your bag.

For those seeking something more substantial but still lightweight, check out Wacaco Minipresso GR or Eureka Camp Café – both offer group friendly options without weighing down your pack.

Whatever type of java lover you are, portability should always be taken into consideration when choosing the right camping coffee maker.

As you plan out your ideal outdoor getaway, remember to bring along a sturdy yet portable coffee maker so you can start each day off right!

Capacity / Output

Whether you’re solo-sipping or catering for a crowd, the capacity and output of your coffee maker should be taken into consideration. There’s an option to suit every caffeine craving, with a range of capacities from single-serve to 12-cup carafes.

Kuju Coffee Pocket PourOver is one example of a single-serve pour over coffee that’s compact, lightweight, and easy to use. On the other end of the spectrum, Eureka Camp Cafe is made for groups and can brew up to twelve cups of coffee at once. For those who want something in between, Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press is an accessory that converts your pot into a french press, allowing you to brew enough coffee for two without adding much extra weight.

Choosing the right capacity will help make sure you have all your bases covered before hitting the trails – whether it’s just for yourself or enough to share with friends around the campfire. Price and quality are essential factors when selecting a camping coffee maker, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Price & Quality

Finding the right camping coffee maker for you doesn’t just depend on price and quality – there’s a lot more to consider!

When looking at coffee makers, it’s important to think about portability, durability, flavor, number of cups needed, brew speed, and clean-up.

Portability should be considered when selecting a camping coffee maker. Instant coffee is convenient and ultralight, while other styles such as French press or percolator are heavier but have greater brewing capacity.

Durability is key for daily use while camping and traveling. Flavor depends on the type of beans used, and different brewers produce different strengths and flavors.

The number of cups needed will determine size requirements, while brew speed should also be taken into account. Lastly, cleanup should be easy for all types of coffee makers with minimal fuss or mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store coffee beans while camping?

When camping, it’s essential to store your coffee beans in an airtight container. Not only will this preserve the beans’ flavor and aroma, but it will also prevent moisture from entering the container and affecting the taste of your brewed cup.

One interesting statistic is that after just 15 minutes of exposure to moisture, coffee beans can lose up to 10% of their flavor!

To ensure you always have a delicious cup of joe while out in nature, make sure your beans are kept safe from humidity and stored in a tightly sealed container.

How often should the coffee maker be cleaned?

It’s important to clean your coffee maker regularly in order to ensure the best-tasting brew and extend the life of your device.

For most coffee makers, a thorough cleaning should be done every two weeks or after each camping trip. A simple deep clean can involve washing all removable parts with warm, soapy water and running a few cycles of plain water through the machine.

Additionally, it’s helpful to descale your coffee maker by using a solution specifically designed for this purpose.

Cleaning your coffee maker often will help keep it in optimal condition for many years to come!

Is it possible to make more than one cup of coffee at a time with any of the coffee makers?

Are you looking for a way to make multiple cups of coffee on the go? Look no further than the 7 best camping coffee makers currently available!

From the versatile pot with collapsible handles, measuring marks and extra handle for campfire brewing to the X-Brew which can only make two cups at a time, these remarkable machines will provide you with all your coffee needs.

You’ll be able to craft café-worthy coffees in no time – perfect for those moments when freedom calls. Whether you’re an espresso aficionado or a French press enthusiast, there’s something here for everyone.

So grab your gear and get ready to brew up some adventure!

What is the difference between instant coffee and other brewing methods?

Instant coffee is a great option for camping because it’s fast, convenient, and requires no cleanup. It’s made from finely ground beans that have been pre-brewed and freeze-dried into powder form.

On the other hand, other brewing methods like pour over, French press, percolator, travel espresso maker, and cowboy coffee require more effort but usually result in a richer flavor. With these methods, you’ll need access to boiling water and the right equipment like a pot or kettle for cowboy coffee or a filter cone for pour over.

Depending on your preference and supplies available, any of these methods can be used to make delicious cups of coffee while camping.

Does the type of water used to make coffee have an effect on the flavor?

Yes, the type of water you use to make coffee can have a huge effect on its flavor. Whether you’re using an instant coffee maker or a pour-over, the quality of the water will directly impact your cup’s taste.

Hard water that’s high in minerals like calcium and magnesium can leave behind an unpleasant metallic aftertaste, while soft water can produce a smoother cup with more delicate notes.

If possible, opt for filtered or bottled spring water for best results. It’ll provide your java with a balanced flavor that brings out subtle nuances in every sip.


In conclusion, the best camping coffee makers of 2024 have come a long way in terms of convenience, portability, and flavor. There are now a plethora of options that make brewing coffee while camping easier and tastier than ever before. From instant coffee packets to pour-over coffee makers, it pays to do your research before setting out on your next camping trip. Having the right coffee maker can make all the difference when it comes to your morning cup (or several cups) of joe!

So, don’t forget to pack your favorite coffee maker and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while surrounded by nature.


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