Camping Insect Repellent – How to Repel Mosquitoes & Other Pests

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One great thing about camping is the fact that you can do it year-round if you wish. Some people prefer camping in the colder months or in colder locations, while others prefer to enjoy outdoors during the warmer months. Both have their perks, but warmer weather offers something that colder weather lacks: a plethora of bugs. No one enjoys getting swarmed by pesky insects, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep bugs at bay–no matter what time year it is.

When you’re preparing for your next outing, whether it be a quick day-trip or a week-long camping trip, you should be prepared for the inevitability that bugs can (and usually will) attack. Not only can these pests be irritating, but they can also be harmful and potentially cause illness. Follow these tips to ensure your next camping trip isn’t affected by insects and pests.

The Most Common Insects & Pests

There are certain insects that are most commonly experienced while out camping, so let’s take a look at a few of the biggest offenders below.

  • Next is the mosquitoes this is not only common in the camping areas. But it is also very much common in the all the places, even when we are at our home we have to be careful and get prevented from them.
  • The most popular among them is ticks which thrive in the woods. They can cause severe infections.
  • The mosquitoes will keep on scratching both in the night and during the day time. It will also irritate us with the whining high pitched sound.
  • Wasp, bee and other stinging pests are also there in the camping area. But they will disturb us only if we provoke them. Otherwise, they will not disturb us they will leave us alone.
  • There are also certain other insects like ants, chiggers, and no-se-ums. Whatever the insect may be we have to know the ways to face them.

Common Diseases & Illnesses Spread by Mosquitoes & Bugs

Staying away from mosquito bites or bug bites is really very important. This is because that there are numerous disease spread through these bugs. They suck our blood and inject it into another body and this causes disease in living beings. The most common type of disease spread by mosquito is fever. The severity of them vary as per the type of mosquitoes like

  • Zilka Virus
  • Chikungunya virus
  • Dengue fever
  • Yellow fever
  • Lymphatic filariasis
  • Malaria

Preventive Measures

Flies and midges are most commonly found in the areas where there are bushes, trees and stagnant waters. The trekking or camping areas are most likely to be similar with the above mentioned environment. So we need to prevent ourselves using various ways.

  • Sage is one of the most effective natural mosquito repellent. By adding this in the campfire, the smoke thus produced will help in killing and preventing from the mosquitoes.
  • Using DIY mosquito repellent sprays can be another effective way to get rid of bugs. It will kill all sorts of bugs and helps in preventing from its harmful bites.
  • Mosquito repellent creams and fabric roll-on can help in producing an odour which will irritate the bugs. This will help you to stay away from bugs.
  • Make your tents in the area where there is good breeze and also ensure it is away from water. Mosquitoes cannot travel very long from watery areas.
  • Getting help from campsites or reading campers guide can help you greatly in getting ideas on how and where you can make your tents and how to stay away from all sorts of bugs.

Ways to Prevent Bites & Stings

When a problem is there automatically there will be a way or many ways to overcome the problem. The thing is they have to know what the solution is and what steps have to be taken to get the solution.

  • The main rule when camping is the dress code. The person who is camping should always cover the exposed skin. This will actually reduce the risk involved in camping to a certain extent.
  • They can use insect repellent because the clothing alone cannot help the person to prevent from the insects. While using the insect repellent the person has to follow the directions given by the manufacturer without any deviations.
  • They have to choose a place which is high and dry so that the insects will not have a ground for breeding. We must also see whether there are ant mounds, beehives, and spider webs near the camping place and have to stay away from them.
  • The tents which they are using while camping should be secure. Food items should not be kept inside the tent and the lights must be switched off when the person is not in the tent.
  • They must also have a first aid kit with them to manage if any wound happens or if any medicines are required.
  • They have to plan accordingly and store the food for the number of days they are planning to stay in the camp. They can also take their pet dogs with them because they will catch the insects.

Natural Insect Repellent is Best

The insect repellents are having many benefits but they also have certain health problems. So always using a natural repellent is the best. Because the chemical which the chemical repellents are using may cause allergies, skin reaction or sometimes it may even cause severe respiratory conditions. The natural insect repellents are cost-effective so they can also save money by using them.

  • The mosquitoes normally cannot withstand the smell of the citrus, especially lemons. So the citronella which is a lemongrass will help us to prevent the insects and the mosquitoes in general.
  • The bay leaf is an herb which is known very rarely but this is used as medicine for the many diseases. This is a very good insect repellent which acts against roaches, moths, earwigs, and mosquitoes.
  • The wormwood and rosemary will also help in keeping the mosquitoes away from the person.
  • The rue is a woody plant which is used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine which is used for its antibacterial features.
  • The pepper mint and coconut oil can also be used as an insect repellent. The person should avoid scented toiletries. They can use the type of clothes which will help to repel insects.
  • More than all the other types of oil the eucalyptus oil is more effective than the synthetic insect repellents. So many of them use this as the natural insect repellents.
  • The baby powder can be sprinkled inside the rooms in the corners to avoid the mosquitoes, wasp and bees at bay.
  • Even citrus peels are also very effective. So as there are many effective natural ways in which they can get rid of the insects in the camping. They can feel free and enjoy.

If you follow the above tips next time you go camping, and arrive prepared, you should enjoy an (almost) bug-free experience. Of course, it’s impossible to prevent every insect from pestering you, but every line of defense you can implement will help. These tips, of course, don’t help with keeping animals away from your campsite and out of your food & belongings, so be sure to check out our article: How To Keep Animals Away from Your Campsite.


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