The Camping Tent Buying Guide – Finding the Perfect Tent for Your Needs

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Camping Tent Buying Guide

It’s almost that time of year; camping season. I know some of you are saying that camping is for any time of the year (and I’ve included cold weather tents as well), but for the most part, the best time of the year for camping is fast approaching. If you’ve wondered which one is right for you, you’re not alone. Here I’ve gathered ten tents in six different categories and the reasons you should purchase them.


Flying Solo?

Sometimes you just want to go it alone, have some “me time,” and commune with nature.

Rated nearly 5 stars on Google, the MSR Hubba NX Tent for one person allows gives you a lightweight design perfect for backpacking in three seasons. The compact tent maximizes space with its non-tapered floor and symmetrical geometry. Engineered to make you comfortable with cross-ventilated rainfly as well as the StayDry door, you’ll enjoy taking this tent on your next solo trip.

If the nearly $300 sticker price is too much for you, look at the Bushnell Roam Series 8.5’ x 3’ solo backpacking tent found at Walmart. Nearly $250 cheaper than the MSR Hubba NX, the Bushnell Roam also has nearly 5 stars on Google and is also rated for three seasons Allowing for an easy setup, the simple two-pole design tent also comes with a compression sack to make for more compact travel.

Couples Camping

Because what is more romantic than sleeping under the stars with the one you love.

Once again, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent scored highest among Google reviews. This three-season tent weighs in at only 3 lbs. Efficient to use and easy to carry, this tent offers the same features as the MSR Hubba NX along with adjustable stake out loops to speed up your setup time. Truly a tent that can do it all.

Just starting out camping and don’t want to spend $300? Take the Coleman Sundome 2-person tent on your first trip; it’s perfect for those new to camping at a fraction of the cost. Easy to setup, the Coleman Sundome features Coleman’s exclusive weatherTec system to keep you dry and comes with its own carry case.

Family Fun

The family that camps together, stays together.

Perhaps you need a tent for your whole family or a large group. With a full 5 stars, Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic Tent fits 6 people, is rated for four seasons, and was field tested in Alaska. This tent can handle whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Worried about space? The vestibule allows for both storage of your gear and protection from the elements. A rugged tent with lots of features, you’ll find it at Cabela’s stores or online for around $350.

Have a large group but don’t want to spend your entire budget on your tent? Look at the Ozark Trail 12’ x 8’ Modified Dome Tunnel Tent found at Walmart. Sleeps 6 and rated for cold weather, the Ozark Trail tent boasts large mesh panels providing views of the great outdoors as well as allowing better airflow. At over 1/3 the price of Cabela’s tent, the Ozark Trail is sure to provide your family with fun without eating up your budget.

Have Truck

Will Travel and Camp

Becoming increasingly more popular, truck tents provide added protection from the cold ground as well as insects. The Napier Sportz 57 truck tent is the tops in both style and quality. Features include a rain fly, 4’ x 4’ awning side vents, and large windows. Rated for three seasons, the Napier Sportz 57 truck tent attaches entirely to your truck. Nearly $300, you can find this quality tent online at various retailers.

New to truck camping? Guide Gear from Sportsman’s Guide offers a Full-Size truck tent at about $80. Setup takes minutes allowing you shelter fast and off the ground. The Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent offers topnotch construction at a price you’ll love.

Hiking the Trails

For those who prefer the road less traveled.

Not only is the MSR Hubba Hubba NX the best tent for couples, but it’s also rated the best tent for hiking. Find this versatile tent at Moosejaw for around $300.

Need a more affordable model for your camping and hiking needs? The Coleman Hooligan 2-person camping dome tent with patented weatherTec system is you’re looking for. Setup this tent in as little as 5 minutes with its single pole setup and easy to use instructions. The Coleman Hooligan 2-person tent can be found at Walmart for around $55.

Braving the Brrrr

Who says winter wasn’t made for camping?

If you love camping, even when temperatures drop below freezing, then you’ll need a tent to suit your needs. Cabela’s Alaskan Guide model, also featured as the best tent for larger groups and families, will provide shelter and warmth when you most need it. Field tested in Alaska where other tents would have packed it in, this tent withstands Mother Nature’s blusteriest of winds.

Not sure if cold weather camping is your cup of tea? Try the Coleman Sundome 6-person Dome Tent for your first blustery camping excursion. Similar to the 2-person dome tent for couples, this tent offers the Coleman patented weatherTec system to keep you dry. Many features included in this economical design from an adjustable flow system to keep you comfortable to easy setup to make camping that much more enjoyable. At $84 dollars, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Feel more equipped to make that tent purchase? Let me know how your camping experience was and the tent you choose in the comments below.


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