Camping Tent Lights & Campsite Lighting Ideas

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When it comes to lighting, from campsite lighting to camping tent lights, you can’t beat a combo of solar powered and battery powered light sources.

Solar powered are great so you can save on batteries and power lights that would be difficult to power for any length of time with batteries. However, solar powered lights can let you down on stormy or cloudy days, so having plenty of battery-powered lighting as a backup is not only smart, it’s downright essential.

Fortunately, there a more and more lighting solutions coming out that can run on multiple power sources (solar, battery / rechargeable, and.or hand-crank), so if you’re trying to pack light they’re a great way to cover all your bases when it comes to improving visibility after dark. We’ll also discuss some less conventional (fun DIY) camping tent lighting ideas.

Lighting Inside Your Tent

Sure, you could scrape by with nothing but a handheld flashlight or headlamp to light up your tent when you need to rummage through your gear after dark, but camping should be a great experience, and investing in a camping tent lighting systems can make it feel less like a temporary shelter & more like a home.

Collapsible & Inflatable Tent Lights

Overhead / Hanging Tent Lights

camping tent led ceiling fan light


Hybrid Tent Lights?

Lighting Around Your Campsite

A campfire is a great source of light, but having a few light scattered around your campsite can really add some ambiance to the area. Any of the free-standing lights above can work well for illuminating your site, but here are a few other ideas to take things to the next level.

Lighting When You’re on the Go

Whether you plan on doing some hiking, want to explore the current area, or need to scavenge around for more firewood as the sun is setting, having some powerful, light-weight & portable lighting is important.


Hybrid Portable Lighting?


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